Angry Birds Action! is Good Destructive Fun

The geniuses at Rovio are at it again with their brand new mobile game, Angry Birds Action! In their first ever mobile game appearance, the updated characters from the upcoming Angry Birds Movie bounce, run, crash, explode, and fling around the screen unlike you’ve ever seen them before! Check out the gameplay trailer here.

Angry Birds Action! basically takes the idea of flinging and crashing birds into stuff and combines it with pinball – with bumpers and other objects scattered around the board so you bounce around like mad! The game also uses a new top-down 3D perspective to make you feel like you’re right there in the action.

Angry Birds Action!
In each level, you’ll need to aim and fling Red, Chuck, Bomb, or Terence in order free the eggs that are placed on perches around the screen, while also destroying everything else in your path – of course. Aim carefully, because once you knock into something, it’s destroyed and you can’t knock into it again to help you bounce around.
Once all the eggs are freed, you’ll move onto the next part of the stage. Once you complete each stage, you win the level and get rewards!

Angry Birds Action!
Each of the characters also has a special ability. Red’s anger issues make him really good at being destructive. Chuck is so fast he can stop time. Terence’s giant body destroys everything in his path. And Bomb can explode stuff, of course.

Angry Birds Action!
Sounds fun right? That’s not even the coolest part! Rovio has added in some really cool interactive features in this game that they’ve never done before.

Angry Birds Action!
QR Codes:

As you know, whenever a new movie comes out, there’s lots of real life promotional stuff like toys, candy, etc. On all of the promotional products for the Angry Birds Movie, you’ll find a BirdCode (which works like a QR code). Scan the code into your game, and you’ll unlock a mini game that wasn’t there before!

You can find BirdCodes on or inside the packaging for McDonald’s products, Pez products, LEGO sets, H&M clothing, displays at Toys ‘R Us, certain movie posters, and more! There’s over 24 mini games to find.

Angry Birds Action!
Movie Tie-in:

Still haven’t had enough awesome unlockable content yet? When you go see the Angry Birds Movie in theaters, pull out your phone and open the game during the end credits of the movie (and not a minute sooner. Don’t be rude!) and you’ll unlock a special never before seen movie clip, as well as Piggy Island, an area of the game that is otherwise unplayable.

Angry Birds Action! is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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