Crystal Gems Style – Amethyst Outfit

In our last Crystal Gems style post, we did a really cute Pearl inspired outfit. Today we’ve got an Amethyst outfit! Amethyst loves picking her nose and is always ready for a laugh, but she’s got a sad side too due to her dark history. Amethyst’s style is pretty simple, which makes it easy to replicate, but also open for interpretation. As long as you stick with the purple and black color scheme, you can pretty much wear anything! Here’s how you can make an Amethyst outfit of your own!

Star Tee Purple Tye Dye Tee
Purple Star Tank Grumpy Cat Tank
Purple Crochet Tank Purple Polkadot Dress
Amethyst wears a simple purple tank, so that’s a no brainer when trying to replicate her style. You can also add your own twist by trying different types of tanks, like the crochet back one above. You can even try a dress to make it more girly or an off the shoulder tank to replicate Amethysts retro vibe.

Star Skirt Ripped Black Jeans Lace Skirt
For bottoms, a pair of black jeans or leggings are the obvious choice. A torn pair of jeans will let you layer some purple leggings or fishnets underneath. Don’t be afraid to try a skirt!

Steven Universe Patches
Since Amethyst’s leggings have stars on them, we found these super cool Steven Universe patches on Etsy. You can sew these onto the knees or the back pockets of your jeans to up your Amethyst game!

Galaxy Sneakers White Platform Boots
Studded Shoes Metallic Purple Sneakers
Kitty Shoes
For shoes, anything white should do. Amethyst rocks short white boots, so a pair of platform boots works really well. You can also try sneakers or flats or take the universe theme literally with some galaxy print shoes. We’re obsessed with the kitty shoes, they remind of us Cookie Cat ice cream!

Cookie Cat Earrings Amethyst Jar Necklace
Star Ring Star and Moon Necklace
Silver Star Bracelet Purple Slouchy Beanie
Speaking of Cookie Cat, you can accessorize with these awesome Cookie Cat earrings! Amethyst crystals or something with stars and moons fits perfectly too. She doesn’t wear one, but a purple slouchy beanie really fits her style.

Stay tuned for our final Crystal Gems style post coming up soon for Garnet! You can also check out our Pearl outfit!

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