Adventure Time/Star Wars Mashup

Since everyone is talking non-stop about Star Wars right now, we wanted to get in on the fun! It’s pretty awesome that the title of the new Star Wars was just announced (Star Wars Episode VII: The Ancient Fear, in case you were curious), but even more awesome than that is this Adventure Time/Star Wars Mashup!

Adventure Time Star Wars Mashup

The sheer awesomeness of this Adventure Time/Star Wars Mashup is simply unmatched! It’s got Adventure Time! It’s got Star Wars! What more do you need?! All jokes aside, it’s pretty rad to see BMO as R2D2 and Peppermint Butler as C3PO. But let’s all be honest, Tree Trunks as Yoda is the greatest thing anyone has ever seen!

The best part? You can buy a print of it if you want to! This Adventure Time/Star Wars Mashup was made by Mike Vasquez and you can buy it in his Etsy shop, here!

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