PREVIEW: Adventure Time: Beginning of the End #1

Adventure Time: Beginning of the End is a brand new three-issue comic series based on the mathematical world of Adventure Time. The issue begins with Finn waking up from a dream about his childhood with Jake only to discover that he’s all alone in an alternate reality where Marceline is still living in the treehouse. Jake wakes up similarly, apologizing about bro-fight from the day before, but Finn is nowhere to be found.

Finn is confronted by Chronologius Rex, the Lord of Hours and All Time. He claims that Finn has broken a very important promise and that all of the adventuring and good deeds he’s done since living in Ooo have been erased.

Adventure Time: Beginning of the End - PREVIEW

(Main Cover Illustrated by Victoria Maderna)

In order to make things right, Finn must face past, alternate, and future versions of himself before going beyond the Vanishing Point and disappearing from every reality for good! Adventure Time: Beginning of the End #1 hits comic shops on May 23rd, but you can preview the first few pages below thanks to our buds at BOOM! Studios.

Adventure Time: Beginning of the End #1 – PREVIEW:

We’re loving the concept of this limited series and can’t wait to see where writer Ted Anderson takes this intriguing story. Marina Julia’s charming artwork paired with colorist Whitney Cogar’s muted tones really capture the dreamy, alternate reality vibe of the story and give the characters a unique, yet familiar feel.

With the four-part Adventure Time series finale headed our way on Cartoon Network soon, we love that BOOM! Studios and their comic creators are still releasing fresh and exciting new stories that take place in the Land of Ooo. Even though the show is ending, we’re hoping that the comics give life to Adventure Time and it’s characters long after it ends. We’re so not ready to say goodbye!

Adventure Time: Beginning of the End - PREVIEW

(Subscription Cover Illustrated by Diigii Daguna)

Adventure Time: Beginning of the End #1 (of 3)
Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writers: Ted Anderson
Artists: Marina Julia
Cover Artists:
     Wraparound Main Cover: Victoria Maderna 
     Subscription Cover: Diigii Daguna 
     Title Card Incentive Cover: Corey Booth
Colorist: Whitney Cogar
Letterer: Mike Fiorentino
Price: $3.99

  • When Finn breaks a promise he can’t remember making, he is confronted by Chronologius Rex, the lord of Hours and All Time. 
  • Finn’s life will be consumed in the infinite first of the fourth dimension unless he and his friends back home can find the moment that explains it all and bring him back him back to Ooo. 
  • Finn must confront the ghosts of his past selves, the alternate selves of his present, and all his possible futures, while Jake gathers help from all of Ooo and beyond. Together, they must save Finn before he goes beyond the Vanishing point and is erased from every reality. 
Adventure Time: Beginning of the End - PREVIEW

(Connecting Variant Cover Illustrated by Corey Booth)

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