Adam Chernick Talks Comedy, ‘Free Advice’, and Back to School Tips

Whether you’re the class jokester or the kid who’s always laughing along with one, we just know Adam Chernick is going to make you LOL. Adam is a pretty standard fifth grade kid. He has a collection of toy planes, enjoys annoying his older brothers, and loves hanging out with his dog, Jasmine. But there’s more to Adam than meets the eye. At just 11 years old, he’s already on his way to comedy greatness! Robin Williams once referred to Adam as one of the “funniest kids he’s ever met” and Rainn Wilson loved his comedy stylings so much, he gave him his own show. You may recognize Adam from his new SoulPancake series, Free Advice, where he dishes out hilariously heartfelt honesty for adults on topics like life, love, and everything in between. His unique perspective on the world makes people laugh every day and is genuinely helpful.

How does Adam stay so fresh and informed? He loves reading The Economist and The New York Times. He even manages his own stock portfolio! Adam works hard to achieve his dreams, writing jokes every single day. Scripted comedy isn’t his only talent, he’s got a natural knack for improv that makes him a double threat on the comedy scene. Even though Adam’s love of learning and spunky personality help fuel his comedic stylings, he’s still a kid at heart. We had the pleasure of chatting with Adam about his comedy work, his goals for the future, and his advice for kids heading back to school.

Interview with Adam Chernick:

Interview with Adam Chernick
 You’re wise, honest, and funny beyond your 11 years. Tell us a little about how your love of comedy began.
ADAM CHERNICK: I really like seeing the face on people when I can make someone laugh. I feel happiest when I can make other people laugh.

YAYOMG!: How is writing jokes and comedy bits different from writing something like a story or a book report?
ADAM: A book report can be like eating brussels sprouts but writing jokes is like eating cotton candy all day. A book report puts me inside the box and writing comedy puts me outside of the box – way outside of the box.

YAYOMG!: Who are some of your comedic idols?
ADAM: My comedic idol is Robin Williams. I had an opportunity to work with him. It was a cold morning and instead of going back to his trailer he just visited with me and answered all the questions I had.

Interview with Adam Chernick
How does it feel to know you’re making millions of people laugh with your comedy?
ADAM: First off, saying I reach millions of people is a stretch. With my new Free Advice series on SoulPancake I have been able to reach a broader audience. Being able to be funny and make jokes helps me in social situations to meet new people.

YAYOMG!: You’re always dishing out hilariously real advice on Twitter and on your SoulPancake show, Free Advice. Do you have any advice for kids your age who are headed back to school?
ADAM: Try to be as social as possible. Focus on making a couple of good friends who will have your back all year. Find the activities that you love to do (even if you think they are nerdy) and you will make friends who have common interests. I went to speech and debate camp while most of the cool kids did all kinds of sports camps on the same campus. I wound up meeting some really great friends and I did not know anyone at the camp when I started.

YAYOMG!: We know our readers are dying to know: what are your thoughts on spinners and slime?
ADAM: I think spinners are distracting. Kids at my school would argue over whose spinner was the real deal. I am not a huge fan of slime, but if I was at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards I would be game to get slimed for sure if I was getting an award there.

Interview with Adam Chernick
Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself:
ADAM: TRUTH: I am funny to adults and girls my own age, but boys my age don’t find me funny.
TRUTH: Bees love me. I have been stung 5 times. I even had a massive bee colony form right outside my bedroom window. My parents had to hire a special guy in protective coverings to remove it.
LIE: My favorite foods are spinach and kale.

YAYOMG!: What goals do you have for the future, comedy related or otherwise?
ADAM: My goal is to have a really nice girlfriend who we are both equally into each other. I would love to interview Jeff Bezos (the CEO of Amazon) because I am obsessed by the company Amazon. I think it represents our generation.

YAYOMG!: When you’re not writing and telling jokes, what do you like to do for fun?
ADAM: I am always trying to think of creative ideas for starting my own business. I like texting and talking to friends.

YAYOMG: Anything else you’d like our readers to know about you?
ADAM: Here is my social media information:
Instagram: @adamiscomedy
Facebook: /adamiscomedy
Twitter: @AdamChernick

Interview with Adam Chernick

Be sure to follow Adam to keep up with his comedic musings and his latest videos. According to his tweets, some of Adam’s other goals include hosting a late night talk show, becoming an entrepreneur, or holding public office. He’s a truly ambitious kid and we’re sure that whether he becomes the next Robin Williams or the next Jeff Bezos, he’ll always be sure to keep it authentically Adam! 

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